Thursday, March 27, 2014

Local Biz Profit Review

So I am going to attempt to write this post in under 5 minutes.  Why, you might ask?  Well it is because I am going to embed a video that shows the features of a tool that can create amazing looking Local Business Websites in under 5 minutes without any need for technical developer knowledge.

That is right, Local Biz Profit is a simple tool that allows anyone to start and/or run a web design business without having to have extensive web coding knowledge.  It is a simple cloud based tool that offers a unique drag and drop/copy and paste interface that will have you building great looking web pages in no time.  Plus on top of that, they include many features and training on how to successfully achieve your goals of a web design business.

So before I get to far into my thoughts, here is the video I mentioned.

So now that you have watched some or all of the video, I will tell you my quick thoughts.  If you do not want to here them and just want to know where you can get this tool.

Simply go to to get more information or to buy it. 

On to my thoughts.  I have been doing web design and Internet Marketing for many years using tools like dreamweaver, wordpress and regular old notepad to create websites for local businesses.  I recently found out this tool from a friend in Europe and was extremely interested but since it was not in english, it was hard to figure out how to manipulate it properly.  Now that swissmademarketing has decided to bring out an English version, it was a no brainer for me to pick it up.  I have many low to medium sized local businesses that just want a simple solution for their website but also the ability to scale if needed.  This is just that solution but without all of the hassle of hard dreamweaver coding, multiple wordpress plugins or long nights of minor tweaking to get things to look just right.

Not only does it fit into any web developers needs but it also fits into a business need as well, since it has a white label option that can generate your business even more revenue.  Just think of creating a website of a business and then giving them the white label version at a monthly fee so that they can manage and edit their website them selves.  All of that without having to sit there for hours showing and training them on how to edit a special plugin in wordpress.

If you were ever thinking of doing web design or wanting to start a web design company, this is the perfect software to get you off the ground and getting paying clients immediately.

Get more info or buy Local Biz Profit at

This took me 4 minutes and 48 seconds to write, which is about the time it would take to build out a simple local website that you could easily charge anywhere from $1000-$5000.  Now does that not intrigue you a bit?


Go to to find out more! 

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